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Hello, my name is Oğuz Kuş, and I am a new media researcher based in Istanbul. I specialize in studying the impact of digital transformation and big data on various social issues.

Hello, I am Oğuz Kuş, a new media researcher with a focus on the influence of big data and digital transformation on various aspects of life. I have experience conducting research on a local and international level, and I am currently focused on integrating big data and text mining with communication science within a theoretical and methodological context. My published work on these issues can be found in the Publications section of my website. Thank you for your interest!

About Me


In my research, I am particularly interested in using innovation brought by big data and data mining to shed light on important social issues. Currently, I am focused on studying hate speech against refugees on social media. Additionally, I am interested in exploring the effects of big data on digital corporate communications, as well as the impact of digital transformation on various aspects of life, such as the economy, the quality of information, and the value of data. I am eager to continue exploring these topics and contributing to the field of new media research.

Conferences, Teaching & Speaking

I have had the opportunity to attend local and international conferences to share my knowledge and learn from others in the field. I have also given speeches on my areas of research in various countries. In addition to these activities, I have also had the opportunity to teach and mentor students from different countries through lectures and workshops on topics such as big data, content creation and storytelling, the influence of filter bubbles on daily life, and the use of text mining as a scientific inquiry technique.

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