Hi, I  am Oğuz Kuş,


I am a researcher who conducts studies in local and international context about new media. I have been working as research assistant at Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication since 2014.

I received my Bachelor's Degree from Marmara University, Faculty of Communication in 2012. I have been in Hochschule Fulda as an exchange student during my bachelor and I was one of the co-founders of  award-winning online art publication named Dadatart.

I was accepted by Istanbul University, Institute of Social Sciences as Master's student and I obtained my Master's Degree in 2015. I have conducted studies on digital content and content marketing during my education. In addition, I realised a research visit to Vilnius University (Lithiuania) in order to do research for three months. Studies that I conducted on this theme were accepted to international journal and conferences. I also published a book on content marketing in Turkey.

​I was accepted by Istanbul University, Institute of Social Sciences as Ph.D. student in 2015. I was interested in research methodology in new media during my doctoral education. I have attempted to open new window to social sciences by discussing societal issues within the context of big data. I used techniques such as text mining and social network analysis in order to shed light on topics such as hate speech, migration and refugee issue. On the other hand, I continued to discuss role of big data in communication industry. It is possible to reach my list of publication on forementioned issues. I have been visiting scholar at Center for Migration and Urban Studies, University of Tartu (Estonia) and exchange student at Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover (Germany). I have defended my Ph.D in 2019 and earned my Ph.D degree. My thesis was investigating the role of public relations in refugee integration by analyzing huge amount of social media data via text mining.

In my studies, trainings or speeches, I have been focusing on dynamics of new media which transforms society and industry. In addition, I am exploring potential contrinution of these dynamics to society and industry within a scientific framework and sharing this knowledge with others.