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Conference contributions

Kuş, O. Digital Dark Age: Threats Against Independent Cultural Production and Solutions from Perspective of Communications, 18th Communication in the Millenium, Erzurum (Online), Turkey, 2021*


Kuş Oğuz, "COVID-19 and Algorithmic Bias: Discussing Algorithmic Bias Under the Shadow of a Global Health Crisis", 3rd Communication and Technology Conference 2021, İstanbul (Online), Turkey, 12-14 April 2021, pp. 733-42*

Kuş O., "Discussing Function of UX Research in Content Marketing ", 4th Cultural Informatics, Communication & Media Studies, İzmir (Online), Turkey, 20 – 21 May 2021, p. 87*

Kuş O., "Exploring Discourse About Refugees on New Media and Achieving Social Integration: Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Potential Solutions for Integration from Public Relations Perspective", Moscow Readings 2020, Moscow, Russia, 2020

Kuş O., "Understanding The Morphology of Branded Content on Facebook Through Data-Driven Approach", Central and Eastern European Communication and Media Conference 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria, 19-21 June 2019

Kuş O., "A Data Driven Study for Exploring Metrics of Successful Twitter Content", 8th International Conference: “Turn Innovative Ideas Into Reality”, Maribor, Slovenia, 12-13 November 2018

Kuş O., "Exploring Refugee Crisis and Hate-speech with Social Media Data: An Analysis via Text Mining on RT Facebook Fan Page", Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data, Stockholm, Sweden, 10-11 November 2017

Kuş O., "Documenting And Categorizing Hate Speech: Investigating Islamophobia In User Comments On Social Networks", International Symposium of New Media from the Past to the Future, İstanbul, Turkey, 10-15 May 2017

Kuş O., "Discovering The Refugee Crisis: An Analysis On Al Jazeera English Facebook Page", International Berlin Conference, Berlin, Germany, 17-22 May 2017

Kuş O., Gül Ünlü D., "Analyzing Jet Downing Crisis Between Turkey and Russia in Context of Country Branding: The Case of Ruptly News Site", III. New Media Studies National Congress, Ankara, Turkey 9-10 March 2017*

Kuş O., "Effect of Cultural Differences on Content Marketing Practices: A Pilot Study on Turkish and Lithuanian Youth", Communication and information sciences in network society: experience and insights: III, Vilnius, LITHUANIA, 9-10 June 2016

Kuş O., "External Factors on Branded Blogs: A Study on Turkish Bloggers", 14th International Symposium Communication in The Millennium, İstanbul, Turkey, 5-7 May 2016

Mariutti F., Kuş O., Yeomans L., "Looking Through Different Lenses: Women’s Feminist Perspectives in Public Relations, EUPRERA 2015: Oslo, Oslo, NORWAY, 1-3 October 2015

Books & book chapters

Göksu, O., Kuş, O., Gül Ünlü, D. (2022). "TikTok: A Paradigm Shift in Social Media" Literatürk Academia, Konya*

Kuş, O. (2021). Discussing Algorithms In Terms Of Dehumanisation. In Under the Shadow of Algorithms: Society and Communication, Oğuz Kuş (Ed.). pp. 53 - 66. Alternative Informatics Association, Ankara*

Kuş, O. (2021), Editor, Under the Shadow of Algorithms: Society and Communication, Alternative Informatics Association, Ankara*

Kuş, O., Popović Šević, N. (2021). “Theoretical approach to big data analytics and neuromarketing: advances in understanding consumer trends”, in: Digital Siege, Sevimece Karadoğan Doruk, Seda Mengü, Ebru Ulusoy, pp. 279 – 295, Istanbul University Press, Istanbul.

Kuş, O. (2021). Analysis with Text Mining of User Comments on News Videos about PEGIDA in the Context of Islamophobia, Dehumanization and Perception Construction. In Perception Management: Political and Digital Communication, Social Media and Mass Communication, Oğuz Göksu (ed.), pp. 227 - 249. Literatürk: Konya*

Kuş, O. (2020). Data Visualization as a Creative Communication Tool to Democratize Information in the Context of Big Data and Open Data Concepts. In B. Eraslan Yayınoğlu, Pınar; Küçüksaraç (Eds.), From Data Visualization to Newsgames, from Reality Technologies to the Internet of Things: Creative and Innovative Applications in Communication Studies (pp. 25–50). Literatürk: Konya*

Kuş O., Efremov L., Suhadolc J., "Digital Marketing and Big Data: Crossing Paths in the Age of Digital Transformation", in: Linking Business And Communication From A Sparkle To A Flame, Ašanin Gole, Pedja, Eds., DOBA Business School, Maribor, pp.127-140, 2018

Kuş O., "Understanding the Possible Contribution of Big Data Analysis to Storytelling Process", in: Linking Business And Communication From A Sparkle To A Flame, Ašanin Gole, Pedja, Eds., DOBA Business School, Maribor, pp.141-154, 2018

Kuş O., "In the Era of Algorithms and Filter Bubble: On Impossibility of Managing Brand Value", Collective Intelligence: Contributions from the Perspective of New Media, Oya Morva, Erkan Saka, Ed., Kalkedon, İstanbul, ss.167-192, 2018*

Kuş O., "Content Marketing: Strategies of Creating Brand  Equity and Story on Digital World", Pales Yayınevi, Istanbul, 2016*

Kuş O., "On the Margins of Digital Transformation: Big Data, Knowledge Discovery and Public Relations", Digital: Notions, Possibilities, Experiences, Nilüfer Timisi, Ed., Kalkedon, İstanbul, ss.109-126, 2016*

Şener G., Kuş O., "Surveillance Society: From Big Brother to Big Data", İletişimde Social Media in Communication, Interactivity in Social Media, Özlem Oğuzhan, Ed., Kalkedon, İstanbul, ss.53-82, 2015*

Kuş O., "Graffiti 2.0: Graffiti Which is Redifened and Integrated to Mass Culture via Social Networks", Suspicion on Network: A Social Media Criticism, Tolga Kara, Ebru Özgen, Ed., Beta Basım Yayım Dağıtım, İstanbul, ss.135-154, 2015*


Journal articles

Kuş, O . (2021). COVID-19 Pandemic and Digital Hate-Speech Towards Refugees: Analysis of User-Generated Content from Big Data Perspective with Text Mining Technique . TRT Akademi , 6 (11) , 106-131 . DOI: 10.37679/trta.830736*


Kuş, O. & Doğu Öztürk, İ. (2021). An Analysis on the Relationship Between Misinformation and Hate Speech in the Framework of YouTube Discussions About Vaccines Produced in China. Turkish Review of Communication Studies , (38) , 96-117 . DOI: 10.17829/turcom.933550*

Kuş, O. (2021). Metaverse: Perceptions Regarding Opportunities and Concerns in the 'Digital Big Bang'. Intermedia International e-Journal, 8(15) 245-266. doi: 10.21645/intermedia.2021.109*

Öksüz Karademir, C., Kuş, O. "Exploring crypto-currency ownership in the context of technology acceptace model and technology adopter categories: Coin-optimistics, observers and coin-sceptics", Ankara University Journal of Social Sciences, vol.11 issue.2 2020, pp.43-59, 2020


Gül Ünlü D., Kuş O., Göksu O. "I'm Not Like Real Life in Videos, I'm Pretending: A Review of The Self Presentations of TikTok Users", Intermedia International e-Journal, vol.7 (12), pp.115-128, 2020*

Kuş O., "Developing An Understanding On The Moment Of Crisis On Social Media By Analysing Tweets And Facebook Posts: Case Of An Electronic Music Festival", Öneri Dergisi, vol.12, pp.37-55, 2017

Kuş O., "The influence of cultural background on content marketing practices: the approach of Turkish and Lithuanian youth to the main components of content marketing", Informacijos Mokslai, pp.45-60, 2016

Kuş O., "Understanding Digital Hate Speech: Analysis Of User Comments On BBC World Service Facebook Page Via Text Mining In Context Of Syrian Refugee Crisis Case", Journal of Istanbul University Faculty of Communication, vol.2016, pp.97-121, 2016*

*Publications with asteriks sign were originally published in Turkish.


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